Asset-Based Financing For Your Business Funding Rates up to 80% of Asset Value
Asset-Based Financing For Your Business
Funding Rates up to 80% of Asset Value

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Asset Based Lending for Businesses

Asset based lending is a form of financing that is much like a line a credit from your bank with a few important differences. The main one is that the amount of money that a company is able to borrow is primarily based on the value of the assets under consideration. An asset is typically equipment, inventory, real estate, machinery or receivables.

Typical assets that are easily converted into cash, such as receivables, have a higher advance rate than less liquid assets such as inventory or equipment. In most asset based finance situations the lender has control of the collections and the relationship can be either disclosed or non-disclosed. There are usually loan covenants with this type of financing.

Asset based lending is a smart solution for companies looking to release the cash tied up in their business. Companies use asset based lending to:

  • Purchase new equipment
  • Finance growth
  • Purchase materials
  • Fund acquisitions
  • Fund turnaround situations

Often signing up for asset based lending is faster and more flexible than a traditional bank loan. A company with good assets may receive financing in as little as 30 days.

Another benefit of asset based lending is that it's often a solution for companies that might not be eligible for a traditional loan. Start-ups and companies with seasonal work or poor credit can often use asset based lending to finance their business.

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