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Business Cash Flow

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Cash Flow Solutions for Businesses

Cash Flow Direct is the leader in cash flow management services. We can help business owners that typically do not qualify for standard bank loans by providing a variety of different lending products. Like with any loan, there has to be some collateral backing the financing, but this can often be invoices, purchase orders and other business assets.

Business owners often need cash flow in order to cover operating costs. Cash Flow Direct can help you bridge those times of financial stress by providing you with a cash flow solution.

Asset Based Lending

This form of finance is available to mature companies that don't qualify for cash flow lending. It is, very simply, lending secured by an asset - typically accounts receivable, inventory, equipment or real estate.

Factoring Services

This financing option works best for companies that have credit-worthy customers and need money quickly. We offer a variety of factoring options that can increase the liquid cash flow of your business, including Export, Recourse, and even Construction Factoring. Factors focus on the collectability of the receivables and don't place emphasis on your past financial history or personal credit score.

Trade Finance

This is for companies that have received an order from a credit-worthy customer and need financing to pay the supplier. This type of financing works best when finished goods are shipped by a limited amount of suppliers.

Business Financing

A variety of business services are available to companies - everything from merchant cash advances to accounts payable management. Whether you own a restaurant that needs to expand or a medical office that is experiencing cash flow difficulties, we have a solution.

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